Triptych #2 "Arbutus Curlz"
Triptych #2 "Arbutus Curlz"
Triptych #2 "Arbutus Curlz"
Triptych #2 "Arbutus Curlz"

Triptych #2 "Arbutus Curlz"

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-A collection of all things beautiful Vancouver Island's beaches have to offer, from different kinds of kelp and sandscapes to tide pools and rock formations. 

-The exfoliating cinnabar red bark of the arbutus tree reveals the velvet textured chartreuse green layer beneath, creating a stunning show of colour. These trees are simply magical, and they remain untameable. They are known for being extremely resilient in very challenging coastal conditions, ye they are nearly impossible to transplant or cultivate. 

"ARBUTUS TRIPTYCH" 20X20, 20X40, 20X20 Limited Edition 1st of 3

Photographs mounted on an Aluminum Substrates, Rear Mounted off the Wall Frames, Hand Painted with Acrylic Gel Mediums.

Hand Painted Acrylic gels used:

Acrylic Tar Gel, Iron Oxide.

Transform your walls with BIG IDEAS FOR BIG WALLS!

Our curated selection of images comes in stunning triptychs that can reach up to a whopping 150 inches across - perfect for those larger rooms in need of a dramatic focus. Let these bold visuals inspire awe and admiration!
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