"Crystal Caviar" 11x11 Diameter.
"Crystal Caviar" 11x11 Diameter.

"Crystal Caviar" 11x11 Diameter.

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-A collection of all things beautiful Vancouver Island's beaches have to offer, from different kinds of kelp, seascapes/landscapes to tide pools and rock formations. Explore!

Hand-painted 11x11 diameter photo printed on aluminum, great for small spaces and perfect for gifting too! (Hanging Materials on the back are included).

"Crystal Caviar" 11x11 Diameter Limited Edition 1st of 3

Limited Edition, (1st of 3) Photograph mounted on an Aluminum Substrate, Hand Painted with Acrylic Gel Mediums.

Hand Painted Acrylic Gels Used:

Acrylic Tar Gel, Course Pumice, Phosphorescent Green.  

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